Jon A Gegenheimer Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court

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The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court offers automatic e-mail notification regarding activity and information on civil and criminal cases, candidate qualifying, election results, and public change orders. The clerk will send e-mail notices of activity in cases the customer selects for monitoring. Notices will be generated whenever filing has occurred in the selected case(s). Real-time election results will be e-mailed as precincts report to the courthouse on election night. Candidate qualifying alerts will be sent as election candidates qualify with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court or the La. Secretary of State. Users will have the opportunity to receive results updates for the entire ballot or may customize the alerts for notices of updates in specific races. E-mail notices regarding the filings of public change orders and contracts pursuant to La. R.S. 38:2192 and 38:2222, as amended by Act 343 of the 2011 Regular Legislative Session also are available and with include the document recorded. Simply check the box to activate that option. Notices will be generated when applicable documents are recorded in the mortgage records.
For assistance with this service, contact David Benton at or call (504) 364-2976 or (504) 364-2914.